About Us

We are KARMA, a start-up from IIT Bhubaneswar and are incubated at KIIT - 'Technology Business Incubator' supported by Government of India. We have an objective that the fruits of research of premier institutions, Centres of Excellence etc must reach and benefit the common mass while simultaneously being affordable. With this noble intention, we have endeavoured to develop affordable clean energy solutions for meeting the energy requirements of various sectors. KARMA is promoted by best technocrats committed for hard working and dedication in taking challenges in reducing carbon emissions by using free solar radiation with latest technology. We have a dedicated team of professionals with years of solar and electronics experience. We are committed to supply the customized quality products. Our team has developed a proprietary solar pumping system for agriculturalist and home lightning system with power backup .Our team is part of the patent that was applied from IIT Bhubaneswar which optimizes DC and AC output which in turn provides high efficient solar power with low cost devices.