Acquiring Free Energy from our Sun and utilising it for the Greater Good of Humanity


We are KARMA, a start-up from IIT Bhubaneswar and are incubated at KIIT - 'Technology Business Incubator' supported by Government of India. We have an objective that the fruits of research of premier institutions, Centres of Excellence etc must reach and benefit the common mass while simultaneously being affordable. With this noble intention, we have endeavoured to develop affordable clean energy solutions for meeting the energy requirements of various sectors.

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Our Products

Apart from this we provide customized Solar based aerators for pisciculture and other aquaculture process

Our Services

Open Source and Free Energy will ensure a better future without global warming and air pollution.Where there is Sun or Wind, there is KARMA. We provide integrated and customized architecture systems such as advanced energy devices for home, and office in both urban and rural locations. Our mantra is to provide best quality products and services in significantly competitive price in a sustainable environment. Our products are based on state of the art research done at IIT Bhubaneswar.
We work with researcher around the world to provide best available products and services for local needs. Our unmatched service includes but not limited to installing sensor embedded energy systems, and remote grid using cloud infrastructure.
We optimize our client's energy usage through energy audit. Our research based software optimizes data science to system architecture. We provide customized service to meet our client's requirements and to reduce our client's power cost.
We take into account Odisha's geography, number of solar days, and our customer's infrastructure needs during the energy audit process.
We provide the following products and the services required to install our products onsite.


Solar photo voltaic (PV) electric generation systems for home, office, and business.

Highly efficient off the grid solar electric generation units.

Solar powered direct DC for NGOs in rural areas.

Energy audit services and custom built smart energy systems

Low cost energy devices in rural sectors for continuous 5 AM to 9 PM support for NGO and SHG.

Battery Rickshaw.

Solar electric energy for farming and horticulture with NABARD. ​​

Our Innovation

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