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Climate change is the most pressing issue that modern civilization is facing today. We at KARMA believe that collectively we can address the mitigation of climate change and also can provide a better world to the future generation. We have launched the “TERA WATT PROJECT” where we plan to achieve Tera Watt energy from solar starting from Watts of Energy at the individual level that is the power of one to the needs of many. And, we insist to make at least 20% of the product handmade and sourced locally for an equitable world.

The followings are small ways we aim to achieve TERA WATT production starting from Watt Energy!


This scheme aims to achieve Tera Watt energy starting with a dollar a month for ten months on a solar product that costs 10 USD or less. You can buy a solar-powered lighting system (generates minimum 12 Watt energy every day from the sun) for everyday uses by your loved ones, such as a small garden light for your house, hospital, school, office or for domestic personnel to use. Feel free to gift someone in need through some of our non-profit partners or any other innovative way you would like to contribute to a better world. Imagine if everyone in the next 10 years adopts such uses. We will truly be able to produce terawatt power just from a solar torch and cut down millions of metric tons of CO2 that would have entered our atmosphere.

5-5-0-0 Carbon

In this model we ask you to invest five USD every month for five years upon which you receive your investment return, and after that, you pay zero—nada to the grid and you generate at least 1 KW energy every day – such an action will stop about 4 MT of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year! Collectively we will produce many Tera Watts of energy and reduce our carbon footprint by the order of billions metric tons.

There are many other similar projects we and our partners around the world are working towards limiting CO2 emission and we look forward to working with you as well.

We’d love to hear from you – write to us via terawatt@karma-tech.in