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Kalinga Renewable Energy Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. 

is Bhubaneswar’s leading provider of high-quality solar solutions.

The time is now!

Be Responsible, Smart & Cool

Let’s start with cool. Huge savings = save ₹ or run more things to stay cool

Central and Odisha govt. subsidies available – act fast before they’re gone

Yes, every effort counts – choose wisely to make a better India

Day or Night - Solar Works for You

  • The Sun emits 3.8 x 10^26 watts of energy, equivalent to 386 billion billion 100-watt light bulbs.
  • Each square meter of sunlight generates enough energy to power multiple devices in your home.
  • With solar panels, you can harness this incredible power, day or night.
  • The energy produced during sunny days can be stored and used at any time, even during the night or on cloudy days. Plus, solar panels help reduce the heat that reaches your roof, keeping your house cooler and more comfortable.
  • Yes, solar energy is effective even on cloudy days!

PM – Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana

Subsidy for residential households

Rs. 30,000/- per kW up to 2 kW
Rs. 18,000/- per kW for additional capacity up to 3 kW
Total Subsidy for systems larger than 3 kW capped at Rs 78,000

Rs. 20,000/- per kW up to 3 kW State Subsidy only for Bhubaneswar Municipality Areas*

Suitable Rooftop Solar Plant Capacity for households

Average Monthly Electricity Consumption (units)


150 – 300

Above 300

Suitable Rooftop Solar Plant Capacity

1 – 2 kW

2 – 3 kW

Above 3 kW

Subsidy for Group Housing Society/ Resident Welfare Association (GHS/RWA)

Rs. 18,000 per kW for common facilities, including EV charging, up to 500kW capacity (@3 kW per house) with the upper limit being inclusive of
individual rooftop plants installed by individual residents in the GHS/RWA

How to Choose - 5 Things to Look For

Our local team of solar experts in Bhubaneswar is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your solar journey. We ensure you have all the answers you need. Here are five crucial factors to consider when choosing your solar solution:

Understand the differences in cell technology and find the best balance between efficiency and cost.

Look for comprehensive warranties that protect your investment.

Benefit from our dedicated local support team focused on serving the Odisha region.

Check out reviews and media highlights to see our proven track record.

Enjoy the convenience of a full-service provider that handles everything from installation to maintenance.

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Our Track record - celebrating 10 years in solar

KARMA is Bhubaneswar’s premier solar energy provider, delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable solar solutions. Our expert team specializes in innovative solar technology, ensuring top-notch service from consultation to installation. Using premium materials, we design long-lasting solar systems tailored to your needs. Committed to excellence and sustainability, KARMA empowers homes and businesses in Odisha with clean, renewable energy, promoting a greener future. Choose KARMA for reliable solar solutions and exceptional local support.

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Take the Next Step with KARMA

  • Schedule a Free Consultation: Get personalized advice from our solar experts.
  • Schedule a Free Feasibility Estimate: Find out if solar is right for your home with a no-obligation estimate.
  • Ask Us Anything: Have any questions about going solar? We’re here to help.

Meet Our Leaders

Saroj Nayak

Managing Director, Phd

Dr. Saroj Nayak is currently a professor and Dean (Faculty and Planning) at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar. Nayak joined IIT with a leave of absence from Rensselaer, NY, USA on November 2012 and left his tenured professor position in 2014. Nayak has cofounded the first start up from IIT Bhubaneswar, Kalinga Renewable Energy Manufactures (KARMA) that focuses on solar energy technology. He is currently the managing director of KARMA since its inception.

Sasmita Nayak

Director, MBBS, Phd

Dr Sasmita Nayak is an assistant professor at KIIT School of Biotechnology at KIIT University and an adjunct faculty at Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences. She did her MBBS from SCB Medical College in Odisha following which she was a visiting physician at Department of Pediatrics, Ellis Hospital, USA and at the Department of Neurology, Albany Medical centre followed by a Ph D from RPI, USA. She is a director at KARMA since its inception.

Sitakantha Dash


Dr. S. K. Dash (Sita Kantha Dash) is a globally recognized scientist, visionary, entrepreneur philanthropist. He is a founder of the probiotics industry worldwide and has made it his life's mission to research and promote the benefits of probiotics.Since the company's founding in 1979, it has become known as a world's top probiotics company. Dr. Dash has been instrumental in growing the probiotics industry from a $10 million-a-year to a $100 billion-a year industry, and the field continues to grow at a rapid pace.

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